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Re: How to change the X server resolution?

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Sabino Maggi wrote:

> I find the standard font dimension in X to be too small. In Debian for 
> The same does not work under Debian for Sparc. I have also tried to add

check your xfontpath -- make sure that 100dpi fonts are listed before
75dpi ones. Otherwise apps will find the 75dpi ones if they don't specify
which group to select from. My fonts in netscape got a lot bigger when i
did that :)

> I have two further related questions:
> 1) How can I tell which is the framebuffer on my IPX? As far as I know, it
> could be either a CG3 (unaccelerated) or a CG6 (accelerated). But I have
> no more information.

dunsinane:~$ cat /proc/fb
0 CGsix

that works for me too...make sure your kernel is up to date (i'm 2.2.14).

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