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Re: Browser for sparc/linux...

On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 01:22:54PM +0100, Hendrik Seffler wrote:
> Sabino Maggi schrieb:
> > "communicator-v451-export_sparc-unknown-linux-2.0.tar.gz" (wew!)
> The is the file I extracted from Redhats Source-SRPM. It appears to be
> the latest version available for Linux/sparc.
> However I am using slink with a 2.2.14-kernel and things work just fine.
> What kind of error-messages do you get?

I am using the same one with potato 2.2.15-pre, and it work fine (note,
you can also get this from slink's netscape source, and build the actual


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