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SS5/170 and Debian does it run at all?

Hi everybody!

I read through the archive of this mailing list and found a couple of
mails concerning the installation of Debian on a SS5/170. People seem to
have problems, but in principle I read from those mails that they were
able to install it and have a running system?!

Well, to make it short: we don't get it to run.

We tried to install "Potatoe" on the SS5/170 and and during the
installation process the following happend: The installation crashed
usually while writing to the disk. Sometimes the kernel did not crash
immediately though, but after a second or third writing trial it finally
stopped with a segmentation fault. After like seven trials we were able
to complete the installation process, but with that then virtual
terminals just died instead of terminating correctly.

We know that our hard drive works (18Gb IBM), because we can perfectly
install debian on that drive if we plug it into a SS4.

Does anyone has good ideas?

Thank you very much


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