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Re: SS5/170 and Debian does it run at all?

I have successfully installed slink and have been running it for about a
month.  It's not doing anything "mission critical" so I can't say I've given
it a work out.  One day Apache started consuming all of the cpu cycles for
no apparent reason.  I also had samba disconnect for no apparent reason.
Mostly it's just there for me to play with.  It has 96 meg of ram and a
2.1gig harddrive (I believe this drive was the standard size).  I did have
some initial quirks installing it.  I couldn't seem to boot and install
directly from the cd.  I forget where the error occured but suffice to say
it didn't work.  I was however able to use the boot floppies in combination
with the cd to install.


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Subject: SS5/170 and Debian does it run at all?

> Hi everybody!
> I read through the archive of this mailing list and found a couple of
> mails concerning the installation of Debian on a SS5/170. People seem to
> have problems, but in principle I read from those mails that they were
> able to install it and have a running system?!
> Well, to make it short: we don't get it to run.
> We tried to install "Potatoe" on the SS5/170 and and during the
> installation process the following happend: The installation crashed
> usually while writing to the disk. Sometimes the kernel did not crash
> immediately though, but after a second or third writing trial it finally
> stopped with a segmentation fault. After like seven trials we were able
> to complete the installation process, but with that then virtual
> terminals just died instead of terminating correctly.
> We know that our hard drive works (18Gb IBM), because we can perfectly
> install debian on that drive if we plug it into a SS4.
> Does anyone has good ideas?
> Thank you very much
> Sincerely,
>   Felix
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