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Re: alt F1 -> alt F6 and X windows

On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 09:31:02AM -0500, Josh Kuperman wrote:
> I like having the ability to use the alt-F1 through alt-F2 keys to
> bring up multiple consoles. When I installed X on my server I seem to
> have lost the ability to access this feature. I'm using the Slink
> distribution on a Sparc10.

If you are in X, you need to hit "Ctrl+Alt+F#", instead of just Alt+F#
(might need to use the special diamond "<>" key instead of the Alt key,
depending on your keyboard layout).

This is to simply switch out of X, then you can switch to consoles as
normally, and hit Alt+F7 to get back to X.


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