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RE: Sparc IPX

I just spoke with RAVE and they confirmed what I thought.  The original
25mhz Sparc chip in the IPC was produced by Weitek and is not upgradeable as
far as they know.  The Weitek chip they have is for IPX and SS2 only and
will not work in the IPC. (However, being the cynic that I am, I can
envision there being a hardware hack to make them work in the IPC boxes
since IPCs are PGA - something like a daughter board setup. If someone has a
Weitek IPX upgrade chip they'd like to send me to test I'll be happy to try
and make it work.;-)

They (www.rave.com) also only have 40 of the upgrade chips in stock so you
might want to get one now if you have an IPX to upgrade.

If anyone has more information please post it as there are a lot of IPCs out
there that could benefit from a mhz upgrade.


Mike Hebel

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I just saw a few IPC's with Weitek upgrades in them at a computer show.  I
have no idea if the IPX versions will work (probably not), but at least they
were out there at one time.

>===== Original Message From John Lengeling <sparc-list@redhat.com> =====
>Not that I an aware of...These were clock doubling CPU replacements for
>IPXs and SS2s.  They upgrade your 40Mhz IPX to 80Mhz.
>Fleet Captain Druaga wrote:
>> Just curious - is there an IPC upgrade processor?
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>> From: John Lengeling [mailto:johnl@raccoon.com]
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>> Subject: Re: Sparc IPX
>> I have a bunch of IPX Sparc CPUs left over from upgrades to PowerUp
>> chips.
>> Let me know if you need a processor.  I have Weitek, Fujitsu, LSI and
>> Cypress versions.
>> johnl
>> Chris Severance wrote:
>> >
>> > I just picked up two Sparc IPX boxes for cheap. I can't get into the
>> > Solaris on there to get it working and I don't have the boot disks yet.
>> > bought Debian Sparc and RedHat Sparc. Debian crashes after the first
>> > as it goes to the second part of install. RedHat crashes during
>> > Running RedHat in text mode allows me to see the errors. ID6 is the
>> > and I've tried Plextor 4x12, Plextor 4x, and an Hitachi.
>> >
>> > "Target ID 6 not responding"
>> > "Resetting SCSI bus"
>> > "Read error on sector #####"
>> >
>> > After reading a few FAQs, I discovered that there's a problem with my
>> > processor. According to the RedHat FAQ, Weitek processors must be 9518
>> > newer and all mine are 93xx.
>> >
>> > My testing with the CDROM disconnected allows Debian to boot without
>> > normal problems so I'm inclined to think it's a SCSI problem.
>> >
>> > The FAQ says that the processor is bad.
>> >
>> > So, which is it? Where do I get a new processor? Do I need to get rid
>> > all these non Sun CDROMs? I'd like one to run Solaris and the other to
>> > Linux, RedHat seems nicer.
>> >
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