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Re: booting problems w/ potato on sparcstation IPX (sun4c)

Eric wrote:
> i got this machine working w/ slink, but when i upgraded to potato,
> SILO failed to work.  I only get "S".  I think it may be that I just
> need to re-run silo, but since I can't get any potato boot floppies to
> work I can't do it (since it's linked against glibc2.1).  The newest
> boot floppies I could find (february 2nd or so i think...) just hang
> at "loading linux".  does anyone have a statically linked silo
> somewhere or some newer boot floppies that might work?

If you were able to boot from slink rescue disk, just enter
"linux root=/dev/sda1" at floppy SILO prompt.
Then rerun silo with -f when logged as root.

Or boot from slink rescue+root disks, mount your target dir from inside
dbootstrap (or from shell), go to shell then run "chroot /target silo -f".

Or try netbooting using the linux-a.out kernel from slink.
In this case, just enter "boot net root=/dev/sda1" at OPB prompt.
Then run "silo -f" when logged as root.

You could also try potato bootdisks from

Hope this helps you.

 Eric Delaunay                 | S'il n'y a pas de solution, c'est qu'il n'y
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