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[constantin@fokus.gmd.de: alt-ctrl-F[1-6] strange behaviour on Ultra1]

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Date:   Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:18:24 +0100
From: Cristian CONSTANTIN <constantin@fokus.gmd.de>
To: sparclinux@vger.rutgers.edu
Subject: alt-ctrl-F[1-6] strange behaviour on Ultra1
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I'm running 2.2.1 on an Ultra1 machine. When I'm in X and try to switch
to console mode by alt-ctrl-F[1-6] drill it either doesn't work at all or
exits from X and I'm getting a very strange behaviour: the keyboard
doesn't seem to work anymore; the keys are mapped randomly on the keyboard
and the Scroll Lock comes on from time to time. 

Sometimes the alt-ctrl-F[1-6] drill works all right.

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Some extra info: I'm running debian slink. ;-)


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