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Re: ICL DRS 6000

On Sat, Mar 11, 2000 at 12:00:14PM -0500, Brenda J. Butler wrote:

> The latter have (at least) two major architectures:  the old
> architecture and the new (power-pc) architecture.  You can get
> linux for the power-pc architecture, but I haven't found _any_
> free os for the old architecture.  :-(  If anyone hears of
> a free/open-source os for the old architecture I'd love to know.

Its more complex :) There are 2 CPU Generations - The old Power CPUs
and the new PowerPCs. Architecture wise there is the difference in
the extension bus - The old machines (Microchannel) -> Unsupported
by linuxppc (There are PowerPC Models with MCA -> Model 250 e.g.)
and the newer models with PCI (Supported by linuxppc) like the F40.

I think there was/is support for the old Power CPUs in the gcc
but i dont think there is support in the Linux Kernel - BTW: Does
anyone have documentation on the Power CPU or the MCA RS/6k architecture ?
I have a model 250 sitting next to me currently a bit - aehm - dusty ... :)

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more idiot-proof systems and nature producing bigger and better idiots."

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