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non-iso-8859-1 boot floppies

Has anyone apart from me built non-iso-8859-1 boot floppies recently?

I found I needed to patch scripts/rootdisk/prototype/etc/init.d/rcS to
get the font loaded, and I sent my patch to debian-boot. But there was
no reaction. So I guess that either no one is interested in
non-iso-8859-1 boot floppies, or else other people manage somehow
without the patch. I'm curious to know which, so please let me know.

Also, has anyone ever built non-iso-8859-1 boot floppies for SPARC?

It's hard for me to check this directly at the moment, since I no
longer have a screen that I can plug into my SPARCstation 2, but I
think that on SPARC (or any machine using a frame-buffer console) each
virtual console can have a different font. So loading a font on tty0
doesn't help the other virtual consoles. Can anyone confirm this?


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