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[TEST](potato): 2.2.10 boot-floppies and mini-ISO

The 2.2.10 boot-floppies have been uploaded to the archive. Since they
wont be on the mirrors for a day or so, I figured I'de make them available
here now, so they can be tested. A lot of work has been put into
boot-floppies from 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 (2.2.10 has some sparc specific stuff,
which kept me from doing 2.2.9).

Notable changes:
 * DHCP should be fixed
 * Serial console installs fixed
 * New kernel images (no more sun4c images, just use the sun4cdm)
 * There are now -smp images in the archive (not on the install)
 * Lots on non-sparc fixes to make the install a lot better
 * NFS installs should work much better
 * TFTP bootable images for sun4cdm and sun4u have been split, look in the
   respective subdirs

Also, as noted in an email to someone else on this list, I have a mini-ISO
for cdrom boots/installs. It contains all of the files needed to do a base
install. This should boot on sun4cdmu (please give me feedback on
non-sun4u). The CD install is really nice, less questions, and very quick.


Happy installing,

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