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Re: funky drive size?

Havent seen this on SPARC's but have occasionally on Intel boxen...you may
need to pass drive parameters to the kernel at boot time. Not sure of the
specifics of this with sparc's tho...
-- Jeff

On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, AJ Prowant wrote:

> I'm trying to install frozen onto my sparc20.. When I tftpboot with the
> current tftpboot image from marcus.debian.net, the kernel sees my
> harddrive correctly (as a 2gb drive) but when I try to fdisk it, it only
> sees it as a 2.8mb drive.. Openbsd had this exact same problem.  Netbsd
> worked fine though..  Has anyone seen anything like this?  I tried
> playing with the expert mode in fdisk, but I cant get it to see all
> 2gb..
> Thanks,
> AJ
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