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Re: SMP problems?

> I've seen problems that I have avoided by backing out my second
> processor.
> Machine: sparc-20 
> OS:  2.2.14
> CPUs: 2
> Using the sparc as for NAT to other machines.  When it had
> both eth0 (10MB/s) and eth1 (adsl+pppoe) going good, pppoe
> would say that it found a bad checksum, and drop the line.
> At the same time, this was deposited in kern.log.  This happened
> many times until I pulled the second CPU and has not happened since.

Can you run that through ksymoops? Something like:

ksymoops -VOLK -m System.map-2.2.14 < oops

> Does anyone know if there are still problems with SMP in sparc?

If there are problems, I'd like to know so I can fix them :)


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