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Re: Base ISO for sparc potato available

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> I have a preliminary ISO for sparc installs available. This ISO only
> contains the disk sets and should be bootable on any of the supported
> systems (sun4c, sun4d, sun4m, sun4u). I'm toying around with how to do
> this best. This CD actually boots the isofs as the live filesystem, so
> the CD is actually mounted as /
> Let me know if this works for you. It uses the same sparc images as in the
> archive right now (2.2.8-2000-03-09). It's about 55megs. Note, this will
> install the base system, you will have to use other methods (like apt or
> dselect) to install anything extra.
> ftp://marcus.debian.net/pub/debian/disks-sparc/
> Ben

Well, I've tried this ISO on my IPX and my SLC and got the same results from 
both.  The welcome screen comes up telling me I should say whether I have an 
IDE CDROM or SCSI.    I suppose that's not silly if the Ultras are supported
by this disk...  But, when I pick 's' it comes up with:

cannot find /boot/sun4cdm/linux

Heck, it says this when I try 'i' or 'linux'.  And I can't
select the 'scsi' option SILO lists because it takes the first 's' 
and tries that image.

'o' produces: 'FIXME: need info on device naming'

Both of these machines are sun4c, and I don't have another arch I can try
currently...  but it seems more fundamental than that.


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