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Sun4d installation successful

Thanks to all those who replied to my kludge.
I have managed to install Potato in SparcServer1000.

Looking in the kernel sources, it has references to SparcServer1000 SMP,
so it should be able to do it,
but there are cases with combinations of hardware that I see
"kernel panic". I am yet to narrow down the reasons for it.

I tried with slink boot images at first, but it was not quite good.
I then tried the potato boot images (2.2.8) and it went okay.
I installed using TFTPboot because that was the only method available.

One thing I noticed is that it doesn't reboot when I choose
reboot from the installer; it just goes back to the menu.

However, SparcServer1000 doesn't seem to reboot at all. 
In fact, it doesn't go off without turning the keys at the front of the

Well, here's my experience...

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