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Re: Sun4d installation successful

> Thanks to all those who replied to my kludge.
> I have managed to install Potato in SparcServer1000.

Excellent, sun4d is one of those little tested systems I rarely see.
Hopefully I'll be getting one soon.

> Looking in the kernel sources, it has references to SparcServer1000 SMP,
> so it should be able to do it,
> but there are cases with combinations of hardware that I see
> "kernel panic". I am yet to narrow down the reasons for it.

One of our other Debian developers has a SS2000 and has similiar problems,
however, he does have SMP working (flakey, but working). Maybe the 2.2.15
kernel will be better when it is available (hopefully will be for potato).

> I tried with slink boot images at first, but it was not quite good.
> I then tried the potato boot images (2.2.8) and it went okay.
> I installed using TFTPboot because that was the only method available.
> One thing I noticed is that it doesn't reboot when I choose
> reboot from the installer; it just goes back to the menu.

Known issue, but thanks. This will be fixed in the 2.2.9 boot-floppies.

> However, SparcServer1000 doesn't seem to reboot at all. 
> In fact, it doesn't go off without turning the keys at the front of the
> machine.

Heh, a machine that doesn't want to die? :)

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