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Re: problems installing sendmail : extended...

> > I think I'm going to run the install again sometime this week,
> > unless someone has a better idea/clue...
> > (then I can test the new boot-disks for IPC ;)) )
> You could simply install the kernel-image-2.2.14 package from potato for
> now. That might atleast let you upgrade to potato.
not really: I don't have a flop/CD-drive, so I need the tftpboot images ;)

I'm pretty far with the new install, but it seems it isn't really going to
work: problems still seems to be ld.so. especially  vfork()

when I'm done with the install, I strace some things, and check if they
all fail on the vfork() call.

I'll let you know what happens ;)


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