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Re: Sparc install w/out framebuffer?

Will Lowe wrote:
> I'm trying to do an install on an old sparc 1+;  I pulled the framebuffer
> and I'd like to do the install on the tty port.  The kernel panics when it
> can't open the framebuffer,  and the install aborts.  Any clues?

Did you unplugged the keyboard too?
Else try
  setenv input-device ttya
  setenv output-device ttya
under the OpenPROM monitor.
As an alternative, you can pass console=ttya parameter to the kernel
(enter, at the monitor prompt: boot cdrom console=ttya).

> 	... This is a slink cd,  so maybe potato would work better?

Might be, but I'm sure that slink bootdisks are also working with serial


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