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Re: TFTPbooting potato?

> I've heard this from a few others (some people had luck, some didn't). The
> potato boot floppies are still "work in progress", so we are mainly fixing
> things now. I'm hoping that I can have a tftpboot-noultra.img in the next
> set of boot floppies, which should be better suited for sun4c's.

Is there anything I can do to aid the people working on it?  Like
information about the machine in question, or a debugging mode I can
enable somewhere?  I hate just saying "Waaaahhh, it doesn't work" and
would rather help out if possible *8-)

Jason Marshall, Unix Geek, Veritas GeoServices, Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada.

  From a Sun Microsystems bug report (#4102680):
    "Workaround: don't pound on the mouse like a wild monkey."

  "I have great faith in fools: 
     Self confidence my friends call it."  -Edgar Allan Poe

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