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Re: IPC/IPX test floppy, please try

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> I've uploaded a test floppy to try and address the issues with IPX and IPC
> that we've been hearing about the past few weeks. Can those who had
> problems test (and those who didn't simply check to make sure nothing else
> breaks) the resc1440-sun4cdm.bin image at:
> ftp://marcus.debian.net/pub/debian/
> Thanks,
>   Ben

Bad news I'm afraid.  I'm still getting the same "read error on block 73"
that I got before.  I tried rewriting the disk and even tried a different
disk.  The floppy on my IPX has worked in the past... but I don't have
another machine besides my IPX.

Although it looks as if I will be acquiring a couple more IPXs and SS2s
soon.  But that won't help now :(

I DO look forward toward another base ISO image.  I definitely volunteer
to help test another one of those :)


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