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Re: Bootable sparc potato ??? help needed.

Jim Westveer wrote:
> Hurmph,
> In my zeal to update the debian-cd scripts for sparc, I first
> made changes to the debian-cd script tools/boot/potato/boot-sparc,
> so that it would write an  "El Torito" bootable CD .

> Well duhh, that was stupid on my part!

> After recovering a bit (and taking a handfull of smart pills)
> I realized that if one wanted to make a bootable sparc
> CD image on an intel host, perhaps I should read up a bit on
> silo and intelsilo.

> Not being a 'sparc' guy, I'll admit that I am now only partially
> confuzed about how to do it. Therefore, I have put the file back
> to an original state, as I continue to mull over how to doit.

> So..i am looking for help
> If you could take a look at the file in the current CVS boot-disks
> that gets installed as:
> /usr/share/debian-cd/tools/boot/potato/boot-sparc
> Perhaps someone might have an idea on how to get it working with
> intelsilo.  I think it is close.

Actually, IIRC, intelsilo should work identically to silo (except
that it refuses to do anything except CD's - won't do HD boot

One thing to watch out for - the kernel and/or root.bin cannot be
the last file on the disk.  The prom can't read the last blocks
from the disk.


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