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Re: Kudos

Congratulations indeed. I'm looking forward to playing with the new
install images on IPX (glad to hear that can of worms seems closed). 

Ben, you make it possible for all of us to run everyone's favorite
operating system on everyone's favorite computers.

I for one am wondering when the debian project will begin accepting
developer applications again (my understanding was after 2.2 is safely on
its way). I would love to do my share to help out.

Next project: debian working correctly on SPARCBook 3's (with X, pcmcia,
and power management ... time to say goodbye to slowlaris!) Anyone had any
luck with 2.3.99 kernels on sparc32? I'll be trying it maybe later today
if i get a chance :)


Ari Heitner
  DC: 703/5733512  CMU: 412/8622699
Non c'è più forza nella normalità: c'è solo monotonia.

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