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Re: sun4c floppy boot images status

Kurt Mosiejczuk writes:
 > On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Ben Collins wrote:
 > > Well, I finally got ahold of a sparc 1+ sun4c to test the floppy boot
 > > images, and to my dismay, they worked perfectly (both the sun4c and
 > > sun4cdm). Now, this isn't to say that something isn't wrong, just that I
 > > couldn't reproduce the problems that quite a few others have had.
 > > 
 > > Question, what did everyone who had problems with the sun4c
 > > floppies use to write the floppy images? I used dd on my i386
 > > linux box. Did others use dd from other OS's, or perhaps even
 > > rawrite under dos/windows? 
 > > 
 > > Ben
 > Okay,  I hadn't weighed in on this one because I hadn't tried it 
 > several times yet, but...
 > I wrote the disks on my i386 Debian box (2.2 frozen) using dd
 > I saw the same error on my IPX that everyone else has seeen...

I had the same problem (also on an IPX) and I have used dd on a debian
intel box (2.2 frozen) and I have tried twice on 2 different floppies
(to make sure it does not come from the floppy) and I have even tried
a new download of the image (sun4cdm). I have also tried the sun4c but
only once.

For your info, I have tried the debian-2.1r5 rescue disk too, and I
got the same problem! (only that the error occurs at a different block
number). But this is the resc1440-2.2.1.bin disk (I haven't tried the
resc1440.bin disks -- too much time lost already) while my old rescue
disk which works use a 2.0.35 kernel. So the problem may be related to
the kernel version (or how it is compressed)

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