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Re: problems installing sendmail : extended...

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> As for your problem, it really looks like m4 is segfaulting, since
> updatedb appears to be a script, and not a program. Try running "m4"
> by itself, and see what happens.
Done and it segfaults ;((

> Then send me the m4.out file created by strace.
I'm not sending this one in yet, because I've found the problem a lot
bigger than I (could have) imagined:

A short while after sending the initial mail about the segfault, I've
tried installing X. Got the same error I got last time installing X (the
'PEX-fonts-thing'), and requested a man-page: segfault. ;(

Having seen enough segfaults for one day, I thought, why not upgrade to a
new kernel (2.2.14), so I installed the kernel-source and ran 'make
mrproper' and got 'some' information:

sparcy:/usr/src/linux# make mrproper
BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER ld.so: Segmentation fault

I think something has gone wrong while installing, because otherwise a lot
more people should have problems...

I think I'm going to run the install again sometime this week,
unless someone has a better idea/clue...
(then I can test the new boot-disks for IPC ;)) )


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