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Re: [constantin@fokus.gmd.de: alt-ctrl-F[1-6] strange behaviour on Ultra1]

> I'm running 2.2.1 on an Ultra1 machine. When I'm in X and try to switch
> to console mode by alt-ctrl-F[1-6] drill it either doesn't work at all or
> exits from X and I'm getting a very strange behaviour: the keyboard
> doesn't seem to work anymore; the keys are mapped randomly on the keyboard
> and the Scroll Lock comes on from time to time. 
> Sometimes the alt-ctrl-F[1-6] drill works all right.

I get a similar - although less critical - response on an IPX running
2.2.13 and frozen. The same happened also with the standard slink install.

After a fresh reboot and "before" logging into X (i.e., at the xdm prompt)
I can switch to console mode by CTRL+ALT+Fx without any problem.
When I am logged into an X session, it is impossible to switch. To do that
I must log out from the X session and restart X with CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE.
I feel that things have improved a little bit with respect to slink,
because then, when I was at the console, the system itself randomly
switched to the xdm prompt (however, CRTL+ALT+Fx allowed to restore the
console mode).

I have seen similar messages in the debian-sparc mailing list archive,
but I have never read any response on how to fix this starge behavior.

-- Sabino

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