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Re: problems installing sendmail

If you are running the apt in slink on a sun4c, upgrade to the one in
potato pronto. There are pthreads issues on sun4c, and the potato apt
works around it.

> taco> This week i've taken it upon me, to re-install an old sparc IPC using
> taco> potato.
> taco> All went fine (took a couple of days, because I wasn't there when I had to
> taco> hit [ENTER] (or other config-stuff...), but that's all)
> taco> Anyway, today it was sendmail's turn, but help, it segfaults when running
> taco> /usr/share/sendmail/updatedb at the end of the config-part.
> taco> I 've tried it a couple of times, but it keeps segfaulting.
> taco> On i386 this doesn't happen (just tried...), so it has to do something
> taco> with the sparc-version.

As for your problem, it really looks like m4 is segfaulting, since
updatedb appears to be a script, and not a program. Try running "m4"
by itself, and see what happens. If it segfaults, then do me a favor and
install strace, then run this command:

strace -o m4.out m4

Then send me the m4.out file created by strace.


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