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Re: TFTPbooting potato?

> Machine type would be helpful. Also, trying each of the boot types (tftp,
> floppy) and reporting success and failures is also helpful. You can also
> try building your own kernel and testing that with the floppy images (just
> mount them and replace "linux" with your kernel image).

Hi Ben, unfortunately, the floppy drive in this machine is very dead.  It
just makes a loud clacking sound, and the disk that was put into the drive
is damaged such that it won't work on any other machine afterward...

The machine is a SPARC 2, sun4c obviously, It's using openboot prom v2.9,
and the serial number is 3287983.  Not sure if that's any benefit to
anyone *8-)

Jason Marshall, Unix Geek, Veritas GeoServices, Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada.

  From a Sun Microsystems bug report (#4102680):
    "Workaround: don't pound on the mouse like a wild monkey."

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     Self confidence my friends call it."  -Edgar Allan Poe

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