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need bootable Sparc CD

I would like to get a full CD of the latest (2.1r5) version of Debian
for Sparc.  Of the various vendors of Debian CDs out there, they all
fall under 1 of 4 categories: 1: dead or unreachable, 2: too lame to
navigate, 3: are unclear about what the CD is (no version information),
4: don't offer 2.1r5.

Maybe someone can make a custom CD?

It has been suggested to me that I just install an earlier verion and
run apt to upgrade.  However, it has been my experience that upgrading
which involves replacing an older version with a newer version can
(this means does not always, but in some cases has been known to) cause
problems itself.  I've personally experienced this on way too many
different systems to be ready to accept an advocate telling me that
Debian would be an exception.  I'm willing to be open minded to that
idea AS I LEARN DEBIAN ... but for my first install, I want to do it
all in one pass first, and come back and play around with it later.

While exploring some areas on the web site some people have suggested,
one possible approach has come to mind.  A network install would have
3 basic steps: 1: get the kernel booted, 2: install the base system,
3: boot the base system and run apt against an HTTP collection of the
rest of the files to build the full system.  The web site listed a
number of different ways to do this, but as it turns out, my situation
prevents me from doing steps 1 and 2 in a viable way.  Thus I have
this suggestion, and I bring it up because it seems so obvious to me
that maybe someone has actually done this already and might have such
a thing available.

The suggestion is, a mini-ISO, burnable into a bootable CD, that does
the installation of ONLY the base system.  Then from that base system
the installation can continue via the network.

I would need a Sparc version of this, if anyone has ever put such a
thing together.  How big would a base-only mini-ISO CD be, anyway?
I would think it could be squeezed to under 40 meg.

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