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RE: Offtopic - Hardware hacks...

Oops!  The last link is broken - sorry!  (Search for Handbook for Frame
Buffers on docs.sun.com to get the same result)

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I just found the service manuals for the Classic/LX, SS5, and SS20 for you.

Check out http://docs.sun.com and search for Sun Service Manuals and you
should find one in there.  I'll try and insert the link but that may not

)  They also have most of them in PDF format.  Still have not found one for
the IPC though.

They've also got a lot of manuals for other systems such as the Ultra series
boxes and the individual parts like this:

If you don't have HTML mail then paste all of that junk into a browser and
you should be able to find it. ;-)


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If you find out, let me know I have an IPC, LX, Sparc5 and Sparc20 I am
playing with. And nary a manual page to be found for any of them....


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