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Re: audio libs configuration

> Hi,
> audio seems to work on my sparc (I tried to play some wav successfuly)
> but I'm a bit lost in the library required by advanced soft (like xmms)
> What do I need between Alsa libs, esound....

I have never succeeded to get "advanced" software to work on Sparc.

ALSA has absolutely zero support for the sparc arch.  You can forget anything
even remotely related to ALSA unless you want to do some serious hacking.

esound is only required if you want to use multiple sound applications at
the same time.  It's a mixing daemon.

There aren't any special audio libraries which you'll need to run things
like XMMS, but, the problem is that the audio drivers in the 2.2 kernel
series were written with an ioctl set that emulated the sun audio driver,
not the Linux one, so, apps written for Linux are very likely to fail.

The 2.3 kernel series audio driver is reported to work with linux-style
ioctl's, but, I haven't gotten Linux 2.3 working yet on sparc.


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