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2.2 CD images appearing Alpha port FYI Re: bf rewrite? booting off of a offboard ide controller? console message... where is it cross-install needs C locale to work properly. Cthreads testing suite - a cthread_self() bug debconf brokeness on the Hurd debconf dont want to configure itself disk map disks-hurd-i386 Docs format Re: Docs format - texinfo Documents translation Does Hurd still have the 1GB limit bug? Re: Errors compiling glibc for cross-compilation /etc/issue, now usable FAT fs Re: _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64 not supported (was: Re: WARNING fileutils 4.0x-1 severly broken Re: Filesystem ideas Floppy drive... slow FPU emulation support for gnumach Re[2]: German translation? Re: glibc 2.2 and gcc (Was Re: something completely different) Re: GNU GRUB 0.5.95 boot image available gnumach and hurd source code gnu mach/hurd on Alpha, update! HI How much space do I need? How to proceed best after doing the `Easy Guide' HURD+AX25 hurd/configure hurd docs glossary Hurd favourite way to do shared memory hurd hangs on first startup Re: Hurd how to, french translation. Re: Hurd how to, spanish translation. hurd-init Hurd installation CD HURD on Alpha (was:Re: PCMCIA support?) Implementing binary compatibility with Linux, *BSD, ... include files Installation CD Installation manual issue (2) Linux drivers in gnumach [MACH doc] Usenix 1986 ,Ͼ Ȱȸȭ mailing service ȳ!! Makefile-ish init and ideas Manual Pages for GNUmach mc Networking New glibc 2.1.92 test packages (i386, powerpc, sparc) New packages: color console, debconf installable, no dependency problems Now Alpha too (was Re: New glibc 2.1.92 test packages (i386, powerpc, sparc)) Now, /etc/motd parted Patch for oskit-mach PCMCIA support? pmake patch poor man's init for Debian GNU/Hurd (10 lines) PPP for Hurd requirements Problems installing hurd on i386 rc RT-Mach Russian Translation Shadowfs Some questions. Spanish documentation Strange mc working. re:Test scripts, programs, etc. Re: the_hurd_links.html ufs compilation error ufs compilation error (2) Unexpected filesystem inconsistency Unidentified subject! Uploaded 5 packages. URLs for new developers 20000822 [ Gnu-OS Distribution] virtual consoles? WARNING don't install e2fsprogs 1.19 Where can I find a working dpkg-ftp .deb wrong group in packages xgcc (i386-linux->hurd) The last update was on 20:11 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 267 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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