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Re: hurd-init

Mo McKinlay <mmckinlay@gnu.org> writes:

> # Perhaps it would be HURD:ier to use rpc calls for communication with
> # the service, rather than a FIFO. The rcp port could be attached to the
> # filesystem via some translator /hurd/init or some such. That's how the
> # proc server and libproc are connected, I think.
> Nice, but unportable. One of my long-term goals is that this will
> eventually become a candidate to be GNU init; which won't happen without
> lots of conditionals if I opt to use RPC calls on HURD. Plus, I'm a lot
> more au fais with FIFOs that I am with RPC ports. :)

Ok, that's a good point. (Personally, I think I'd prefer unix domain
sockets before FIFO:s, at least if I expect to talk to several


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