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Re: Docs format - texinfo

From: Franz Fritsche <Franz.Fritsche@simple-line.de>
To: Matthew Emmett <memmett@sfu.ca>
Subject: Re: Docs format - texinfo
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Date sent: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 00:15:43 +0200


> It is my opinion that texinfo is much better than HTML. The "info"
> program for viewing .info files is much more advanced than lynx,
> and the info mode of emacs is wonderful. Printed texinfo
> documentes are a dream compared to printed HTML. I also,
> personally, feel that texinfo is easier to author than HTML.
Got the point!

> I think authoring documentation in texinfo is better for
> "information distribution" becase it is so easy to convert texinfo
> into different formats, including HTML. However, converting HTML
> is a bit of a pain -- to say the least.
OK, I can understand this. :-)

> texinfo is the MASTER of distribution!
Well, I see, you *really* like it... ;-)))

And as anybody here seems to share the opinion that texinfo is a
superior documentation tool (especially in GNU context), I just will
give texinfo myself a try... ;-)


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