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Re: Problems installing hurd on i386

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 02:50:30AM +0530, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> hi,
> 	I have a PIII 450 and I run Debian 2.2.  I just tried
> installing the Hurd. I followed the installation instuctions as per
> the Easy Guide.  I did the cross install.  I use grub as my boot
> loader and used its command line to boot.  The boot process stops
> after something like
> scsi detected 0 total. (or something like that)
> I dont have any scsi devices.  I have an 8GB IDE disk (seagate).  I
> have a couple of CD drives both ide.  All the ide devices were
> detected fine.  I also have 64MB RAM, sblive, TNT2 video card, PS2
> mouse, ne2000 (old card with a BNC cable).  I dont know if there is
> any IRQ sharing.  How does one find out?

Hi sounds like you need to create the filesystem with either no features
or sparse super blocks (see the -O switch to mke2fs).


> thanks,
> prabhu

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