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Re: Docs format

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 09:01:24PM -0500, Cowboy wrote:
>  HTML is EVIL in any context except a web page. ( IMHO )

And even there :)
>  How about text ?
>  It's 100% compatible with anything.

That's true, and text is a good choice for small snippets like READMEs etc.

However, you can barely convert it to anything useful, because it contains
no structure information (meta info about the type of information a
particlar part of a text is carrying). For example, if you have a broader
terminal (width 100 instead 80), as I do, you can't rearrange the text to
fill the free space. You are limited to 78 columns on all displays.

This said, texinfo converted to info format has the same problem :)
But at least the original texinfo forma can be converted to fit the type of
display (printer, text, ...) you need.
>  ( of course, my favorite editor is still vi so anything containing
>  specialized formating ala MS-Word is a huge pain. )

I truly hope I will never see a *.doc ument containing a Hurd manual :)


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