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Re: Manual Pages for GNUmach

>> would you please consider adding the following Man pages to the CVS
>> repository of gnumach?

>> ---------------- cut here --------------------- cut here -----------------
>> begin 644 cmu-mach-man.tar.gz
>> M'XL(`,V2B#D"`^Q;;7/;1I+V5^-7S"JNHK1+423U8IOGJ$Z1Y82WEN02Y;6W
>> M+)<*)(8B5B#`8$!)S%[^^SW=/3,`2,K9*SNYJJME'(F8EYZ>GNZG7P::ANG.

 Can we agree to post 100K attachments to ONE list ?
 ( or preferably, an FTP site. Perhaps an open site, like mine )
 Those of us subscribed to more than one, and some paying by
 the minute, would appreciate it.



"But this one goes to eleven."
-- Nigel Tufnel

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