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Re: rc

On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 10:46:47PM +0100, Mo McKinlay wrote:
> # Also we will probably need start-a-before-b relation
> # (gpm should be tarted before X, but X don't depend on gpm nor gpm on X)
> I *think* I follow this. I take it this would only ever come into play if
> two services are going to be started at the same runlevel? (I can't see
> why it'd be necessary otherwise).

This can be kind of very weak dependency.

> i.e...
> graphical = X gpm xfs ...
> We say:
> X [depends on] xfs
> gpm [start before] X
> Then..
> $ init graphical
> INIT: Switching to runlevel 'graphical'
> Starting gpm...
> Starting xfs...
> Starting X...
> Have I got that right?

Yes, and if there is no gpm installed or it failed, X will run anyway.


All others 100% ok.

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