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Re: Re: hurd/configure

>   Hi,
>   I\\\'m trying to setup a crosscompiler (under i386-linux) for the
>   hurd.  I\\\'ve been using a crosscompiling arm/i386 gcc for a while
>   now, so it wasn\\\'t that hard.
>   I have only one problem:
>   the hurd-module (on subversions.gnu.org) doesn\\\'t contain a \\\"configure\\\"
>   Is it broken or am I blind ?
>No, you\'re supposed to generate configure from configure.in yourself
>using autoconf.  Assuming you have autoconf installed on your system,
>just type autoconf, in the directory that contains configure.in and
>you\'re ready to go.

I really need sleep.

Hope to help here soon.

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