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Re: Linux drivers in gnumach

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Okuji gave all the right answers for that. With little variations, the same
> reasons apply to me and probably everyone else around here.

Hmmm...well, the reason we ask is because there are a few devices
that weren't supported under 2.0.x kernels on Alpha (but, of course they
were on i386) that were later supported in 2.2.x.

> If you don't need to change the glue code alot (in other words: If the
> interfaces didn't change much), you can use whatever versions work for you.
> If there are interface changes, you will probably have to rework the glue
> code, and then we have to decide if we want to jump the gun and update the
> i386 drivers, too, which nobody wants to do (especially as oskit-mach
> already has newer ones).


> Can you port oskit-mach to alpha? This would probably more straightforward
> and more helpful in the long run, too.

Ugh...second time we've been asked this.  Basically, there already was
some work done to port the original Mach3 to Alphas, albeit ancient
ones.  We can probably get this stuff updated more easily than starting a
whole new project on oskit.  If there were already some groundwork done to
port oskit to Alpha, then the story may be different.  There was a mention
of someone doing a port of oskit to Alpha by one of the original oskit
folk, but he couldn't tell us where to look or who to contact, so
basically, that would put us at absolute square one with oskit.


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