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Re: Linux drivers in gnumach

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Roland McGrath wrote:

> There has been almost no hacking done on gnumach since I did oskit-mach.
> Your porting efforts are the first time lately anyone has been serious
> about microkernel hacking.

That's good news (I think :-P).  I checked the 2000-05-05 snapshot of
OSKit into our CVS repository for further review.  I know Ron and I agree
that we want to work on gnumach at this stage, but I may also work on
adapting our work to OSKit at the same time.  I've already started fixing
up the ELF stuff in OSKit for Elf64...

> That's just historical cruft.  Another reason to use oskit instead! ;=)

Hehehe...it was just hard to believe for me :-P  Then again, I've been
using Alphas since BLADE was around, so I've lived in a 64-bit world for
awhile and always have that eye for portability and ease.

> oskit runs on two platforms now (i386 and strongarm), and others outside
> the Utah group are working on other ports.  That says something.

True.  In reality, looking through OSKit sources (especially the ARM
support) has helped me get a perspective on things a bit better.  Gnumach
can get hard to relate to sometimes since there isn't really any support
for other architectures to base work on.

> I too am disappointed.  I haven't gotten any helpful response from the Flux
> group either (and I used to work there).  I think the folks are just too
> busy with others things (they are working on oskit, just not on ports).

Probably, and it's understandable.  I know I don't mind supporting my old
projects, but it's not on the top of my priority list to do so.

> Have you posted to the oskit-users list looking for interested people?

I need to subscribe and I'll check into it.

> I hope you will concentrate first on the core chip support, i.e. pmap et
> al.  That is the stuff that still needs to be specifically done for gnumach
> on Alpha even if you can get drivers and such from oskit.

Well, I needed the headers fixed up or else we'd be dealing with 64-bit
issues immediately.  I intend on starting real work tonight or Thursday
(unless we get a hurricane this week...living in Miami sucks).


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