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Re: Linux drivers in gnumach


On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 09:22:38AM -0400, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> > Can you port oskit-mach to alpha? This would probably more straightforward
> > and more helpful in the long run, too.
> Ugh...second time we've been asked this.

I hope you'll be asked a third time, because then it becomes the truth :)

> Basically, there already was
> some work done to port the original Mach3 to Alphas, albeit ancient
> ones.  We can probably get this stuff updated more easily than starting a
> whole new project on oskit.

Ugh, even oskit-mach contains i386 specific code, but less then gnumach
without oskit. So, it might actually be easier to port oskit-mach, and you
might be able to make use of the ancient efforts.

> If there were already some groundwork done to
> port oskit to Alpha, then the story may be different.  There was a mention
> of someone doing a port of oskit to Alpha by one of the original oskit
> folk, but he couldn't tell us where to look or who to contact, so
> basically, that would put us at absolute square one with oskit.

But on the other hand, oskit containes current drivers from bsd and linux,
both are ported to many architectures.

And OSKit is ported to StrongArm SA-110, so the seperation of architecture
dependant and independant stuff should be already done (although I did not
verify this). I am not sure how good the seperation is in gnumach, though.
Maybe it is good enough already.

A google search on oskit alpha showed:

     * Alan Au will be working on a partical port of OSKIT to L4/Alpha.

Is this the contact you mentioned? In the announcement of OS Kit:
"We are also planning to do an Alpha port of the OSKit. More on that later."

Well, in other words: More people might be interested in porting OSKit to
Alpha than in gnumach, so you could share the workload. 

But talk is cheap, and I don't have an alpha, so don't let me distract you.
I can try to help with the glue code if it really needs an update, but no


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