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Re: rc

Okay, the revised list..

# >     * Started
# >     * Stopped

# Not sure if paused, stopping and starting bring us much.

I'm not entirely sure what I decided 'paused' was for. As you say, it's
usefulness is rather limited - I've opted to nuke that one from the list.

# Also starting and stopping can be probably internal to init.

This was the intention (I included it in the list for completenes)

# >      * Start
# >      * Stop
# >      * Pause
# >      * Restart (= unpause ?)
# reload-config and real restart (= stop & start) might be useful actions.

I meant 'restart' as a stop/start - start would do an 'unpause'. That
issue's moot now, though. A reload-config would be useful, giving us:

 * Start
 * Stop
 * Restart
 * Reload

# Circular dependencies are bad.
# Probably can do without.

Yes - everyone makes mistakes, though - and if protection against this
sort of thing is easy enough to do, I don't see why it shouldn't be
included. (If anybody really wanted to do a circular dependency, they can
hack the sources to allow it - I hope to God they don't, though :>)
# Also we will probably need start-a-before-b relation
# (gpm should be tarted before X, but X don't depend on gpm nor gpm on X)

I *think* I follow this. I take it this would only ever come into play if
two services are going to be started at the same runlevel? (I can't see
why it'd be necessary otherwise).


graphical = X gpm xfs ...

We say:

X [depends on] xfs
gpm [start before] X


$ init graphical
INIT: Switching to runlevel 'graphical'
Starting gpm...
Starting xfs...
Starting X...

Have I got that right?

# And we'll probably also need reversed is-part-of relation
# (all mounts can be-part-of virtual filesystem,
#  and some package can depend on complete filesystem to be done)

If I've got this right, something like:

foo [depends on] bar
baz [is part of] bar

$ svc start exportfs
Starting baz...
Starting bar...
Starting foo...

# Oh, and conflicts wolud be useful, if you want to test two wob/ftp/*-servers
# etc.

Something like..

foo [conflicts with] bar

$ svc foo start
svc: foo conflicts with bar, which is running.

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