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Re: Docs format

# well its a good thing the Hurd has very little in common with these subpar
# immitations of what some people call 'operating systems'.
# As I'm sure we can all agree, the Hurd is an OS written the way God
                      is an OS *being* written ^^^^^

Let us not forget that HURD is not stable, and probably won't be for a
while yet; the chances of hitting a system that can't run texinfo are
quite high compared to the chances of hitting a system that can't run
less, or cat, or head/tail. (If you can't run cat, you're going to have
trouble fixing that kinda brokenness..cat-static, anybody? ;))

# intented. Clearly, then, we have but one choice: TeXinfo, also concieved
# in the bowels of divinity. Thus it is written, and so it shall be.

Heh. Don't get me started on TeXinfo. Fine for manuals, crappy for quick

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