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Re: Does Hurd still have the 1GB limit bug?

"Bryan K. Walton" <walton@berbee.com> writes:

> I recently repartitioned my hard drive, and set up partitions for the Hurd
> and for GNU/Linux.  I made a partition that was (I thought) just under
> 1GB.  After the fact, it turns out that 1.044GB.  Do I still need to fix
> this before proceeding?  Or has this bug been fixed?

The bug is still there, as far as I know. However, the limit is not at
*exactly* 1 GB. If I recall correctly, the address space for a process
is 2GB (or perhaps 4GB), and there has to be enough continous free
space for mmapping the entire partition somewhere. Slightly more than
1GB might well work.


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