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Re: Linux drivers in gnumach

From: Ron Farrer <rbf@farrer.net>
Subject: Linux drivers in gnumach
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 11:30:59 -0700

> What's the deal with the Linux drivers in gnumach. They are from
> 2.0.36... is there a reason why they are not updated to something a bit
> less dusty? 

  These are my own reasons for that:

* The drivers work well in my environment. There is no urgent reason
to update them for me.
* I have too many things I want to do other than that (In fact, I'm
doing other things).
* OSKit-Mach has already supported Linux 2.2.x drivers.
* I don't want to see the source code of GNU Mach any longer, if


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