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Re: Hurd how to, french translation.

Denis Bodor <listes@linuxmag-france.org> writes:
> I had translated this document some time ago. But it should be updated.
> You can view it on http://www.lefinnois.net/guide.html

I had translated this document too... :-(


> I work currently on the translation and the creation of other useful
> French documentations.

Can i help ?
> You can contact me directly at d.bodor@calixo.net


Stéphane Camberlin --> urnammu@free.fr ---> scamberlin@april.org
Pétition contre les brevets logiciels : http://petition.eurolinux.org/
Association pour la Promotion et la Recherche	
en Informatique Libre (APRIL) http://www.april.org/

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