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Re: Docs format

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 11:33:10AM -0700, Matthew Emmett wrote:
> It is my opinion that texinfo is much better than HTML.  The "info"
> program for viewing .info files is much more advanced than lynx, and
> the info mode of emacs is wonderful.  Printed texinfo documentes are a
> dream compared to printed HTML.  I also, personally, feel that texinfo
> is easier to author than HTML.

That's absolutly true.
Texinfo is good for browsing and for printing (I have printed the hurd
reference manual and it's really nice).

And texinfo is GNU...

> texinfo is the MASTER of distrbution!

hmmmm, and the MASTER of international distrubtion too ?
I think about characters maps (like this éèâç), french people
use those things, spanish and german too.

There is somes problem with texinfo (i remember my ç probleme,
\c c don't work like with tex just beacaus \c is used for
something else), and the gnumach don't support latin1 chars,
isn't it ?

Denis Bodor
"It's time to join the Hurd and be a GNU !"

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