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Re: _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64 not supported (was: Re: WARNING fileutils 4.0x-1 severly broken

Ripclaw <ripclaw@rocklinux.org> writes:

> > The Hurd doesn't really support large files at all.  The filesystems
> > cannot handle partitions larger than ~1 GB, and there is no support
> > for the 64-bit interfaces in the "kernel".
> what would be a good starting point in
> the source to get
> rid of those restrictions in hurd in the
> following order:
> 1GB limit
> missing 64 bit FS support
> JFS would benefit from having 64bit
> avialable, as would the
> PPC port thing (performance and fs-size
> wise).

You can rest assured that once the 0.3 release happens (RSN) my top
priority will be enabling large disks and large files.

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