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Re: Strange mc working.

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 05:05:52PM +0400, Nalim wrote:
> 1. Why mc works so slowly?

It stat()'s all files.
> 2. Why kernel crash,when I change dir to
> /dev in mc.

It shouldn't, but I don't know what mc does with the files beside stat()'ing
them. You should try to run mc under gdb and see where it crashes. Of
course, that's not easy if it is a kernel fault. How does the crash look

> And question about network card:
> It works under Linux (dc21x4x tulip
> driver)
> It detected in HURD (I've seen kernel
> messages about it: correct irq, IO range
> etc.)
> But when I enter command:
> settrans /server/socket/2 ...
> There is device or resource buzy answer.

The old pfinet server is still active, and doesn't want to be replaced.
Use "settrans -fg /server/socket/2 ...."
Hope this helps,

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