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Re: Docs format

>> > I want to write some more documentation about the hurd (this time in
>> > english). But which is the proper way to do it ?
>> > I mean if I should use SGML, LinuxDoc, DocBook, Latex or just plain
>> > HTML... 
>> > 
>> I think HTML is a good choice: 1. because of the cross platform 
>> possibility... 2. It also can immediately be used at web sites about 
>> the hurd. 3. It allows easy modification and improvements by others.
>> (4. Not to forget the possibilities of links!)

 Had to crawl out of my hole for this one...

 HTML is EVIL in any context except a web page. ( IMHO )

 How about text ?
 It's 100% compatible with anything.

 ( of course, my favorite editor is still vi so anything containing
 specialized formating ala MS-Word is a huge pain. )


"But this one goes to eleven."
-- Nigel Tufnel

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